Friday, January 04, 2008


I knitted two pairs of mittens:

These for me knitted from Aracunia Nature Wool. The colour came out much nicer knitted up than in the skein. I have a lot of this yarn left as the yardage is great.

I used a pattern from Yarn Forward Magazine: Maddie's Mittens. However, as I knitted them it became apparent that these were child mittens so I had to make some last-minute adjustments. Anyway - as it turned out they fit me just fine.

I also knocked up a pair of manly mittens for Nigel using some Cascade 220 that I had in stock (!). I had planned to put a red stripe around them, and even took the red wool to Northstar to do it - but somehow the grey mittens were just so mesmerizing that I knitted the entire thing before remembering my red stripe.

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Teaching Handwork said...

MIttens are on my list of "things to do"