Sunday, January 13, 2008


In my christmas stocking I received some astronaut ice cream. We shared it for lunch yesterday. Finlay brought his solar system model so we could really feel as if we were in space.

My father brought some back for us many years ago from a trip to Houston (I think) and I remember that we ate it, but not what the taste was like. This ice cream tasted exactly like neapolitan ice cream but without any of the texture. The best effect is to let the ice cream 'melt' on your tongue.

I'm guessing that in space you are grateful for any sort of variety in your freeze-dried meals.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Alison

Great to see your blog and a bit about your life over there and pictures of the boys! And also good to see you still into the knitting - very impressive! Drop me an email and we can catch up outside of the blog. I somehwo managed to lose your email if. Speak soon! m

Jasmine said...

The solar system model was such a great idea to the astronaut ice cream. You guys are a creative family!