Monday, January 14, 2008

In which we have fun shopping

Finlay and I went on an expedition to Daiso in Mountain View in search of cheap knitting needles. They didnt have any of the aforementioned needles but did that stop us shopping? Oh no!

First up - a laundry bag for socks and a handy little rack for drying socks (I always line-dry my hand knitted socks)

Of course the usual array of stationery - here a blurry photo of sushi erasers - but I did buy more than this ;-).

An irresistable package of tissues with hamsters.

And the inevitable Hello Kitty item. I bought this to hang in my car but the string is too short. I had a Hello Kitty dangly thing in my first car (The Singer Chamois Sport with the brown fur head-lining) and I guess I feel that the current minivan needs more of the sprit of brown fake fur!

There was of course more than this...I came away with a huge bag of stuff for $21. Finlay had $3 to spend and bought a set to make balloon animals and a bubble gun for Adam.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You don't need any needles. You already have some.
Mind you - I am the person who recently had to actually buy NEW 2 sets of 4 in 4mm and 4.5mm for thick socks.... I could hardly believe it but there we are.

The sock hanger looks GREAT though - I want one!