Sunday, January 21, 2007

Work in progress

Here are my current works in progress: On the left a felted clog from the fibretrends pattern. On the right a sock for me. Its a k3 p1 rib in Peace Fleece wool in colour Waterlily. The wool is lovely and soft but I was disappointed to read its hand-wash only - after I wound the ball. I should have made gloves really - but too late now.

I have always admired this blogger for her artistic photographs of her knitting and baking. I aspire to be the sort of mother who produces home-baked rock buns for her offspring at the end of a busy day. However, the sort of mother I actually am is one who assists her children in creations such as these:

These are Jelly Wigglers (or jello wigglers if you are american). Adam saw the idea in his Pixar Annual and wanted to make them...nutritional value=0, entertainment value 10/10, especially when Adam had a tantrum when the eyes fell off his wiggler! Next day I substituted raisins for the cherries and the eyes didnt fall off.

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Anonymous said...

Well, of course, you are the best kind of Mother - the one who spends her free time with her children, as well as finding time to blog (although I think the other blogging mother you cite is probably good at it too - as well as the artistic photos).
How charming that Adam (a) looked in a book (b) was inspired (c) asked to make something.
Someone in the S&B calendar you gave me recommended Peace Fleece as a good quality reasonably priced (DK) wool. I must say I hand wash all my wool socks now - even Nylox...! This was after my experiments early in life with unintentional felting, (although that was with King Cole "Little Dorrit" sock wool). I hung on to these socks for many years and now that felting is a known technique I find I can wear them again - with pride! (The ones made for my husband being a better fit than the ones I made for myself...).