Monday, January 29, 2007

Fetch my mittens please

I know its a bad pun - but these are good mittens! I finished the fetching mittens using a single ball of Cashmerino Aran (as called for in the pattern). The pattern warns that you will have less than a yard left, in fact I had about 4"remaining, and only because I did 2 fewer rows on the hand than called for.

However, the pattern is really quick to knit and the mittens are cute, and the cashmerino aran works really well. So, I immediately cast on another pair - this time in the knitpicks bare that I dyed with Kool-aid. I think I'm going to give these mittens to my neighbour who admired my green mittens (big mistake for her! Ha like these green mittens? let me give you some completely different in purple).

Looking at this photo I am astonished that I do not have a highly lucrative as a hand added to the little fat hands with fingers like sausages I seem to have wrinkly wrists with age spots.


Anonymous said...

ooo ooo - and I thought I would be the first to make them!
They are lovely. Sadly I am committed to making them in left-overs from the attic - and I think most of my Aran weight wool is rather coarse and ethnic, which will not be so nice on the hands.
I agree that it can be a bad mistake to admire other people's handicrafts - they should come with a warning - although it does not seem to bother our friend, Fliss, who is constantly reminding me with some desperation that she does not want a porcelain doll or any kind of knitted item for Christmas. [Note: this I staunchly ignore - she has had woolly gifts for the last 3 years at least - and as to the doll - dream on - they take me a year to make...].

Anonymous said...

Is the knitpicks wool an Aran weight?
This may incent me to Koolaid the wool you gave me last year.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

The pattern you were looking for is called Tramonto by a designer called Ivette. You can find it here:

Best wishes,