Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More received knitting

This is my new knitting bag, courtesy of guess who?. The photo does not show the lovely lining, or the detail of the decoration on the front.

My fab new bag is currently housing Charlotte's Web. Its a koigu design, intended to be worked in 5 variegated yarns.
I wanted a shawl in blue and brown but could not find enough variegated yarn in those colours, so I have the semi-solid blues and green. I dont mind the striping too much, but Im not sure about the lightest blue. The lightest blue does not really show in this photo, its the smallest colour range, but its so much lighter than the other colours it does not really blend as well as I had hoped. Kerstin suggested dipping this secti0n of the shawl in tea, so once I have finished the knitting I may do some experimenting. The last colour is the brown variegated yarn in the ball, it is the largest band of colour and may change the appearance of the overall shawl enough that I dont care about the light blue.
Charlotte's web is very appropriate at the moment as I went with Adam's class to see a theatre production of this childrens classic at the Santa Clara University Theatre. It was a lovely version, only an hour long, and really seemed to capture the childrens attention.

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Pieces said...

Thanks for delurking over at my blog. Your knitting is gorgeous! Knitting is never something I was able to grasp. I taught myself to crochet but I just couldn't learn to knit from a book. Maybe someday!