Friday, January 26, 2007


I finished the felted clogs. Here they are before felting (little fat foot for scale).

Here they are after felting - photo by my assistant photographer of feet: Adam. They are very comfy but very slippy on my wood floors. They have been offered to Gill who has carpets! I didnt much enjoy knitting the pattern, as I dont much like knitting on large needles but since they worked out so well I may knit some more.
Another part of the knitting plan was to knit up this Jaegar Como.
I cast on to knit the Hip Hop coat from IK but Im not really happy with it. The yarn is 90% merino and 10% polyamid and is not plied - this gives the knitted fabric the effect of being 100% man made. The knitted fabric is also extremely lightweight - which I had originally thought would be good for a coat - but Im really not liking either the process of knitting this yarn, or the product. Time to put it away and let it marinate for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Love the slippers.
Sew little leather pads to bottom of feet?