Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ferretworld: Glad you were here

We had some visitors here at Ferretworld over the summer. Long-time reader (and sister) Gill, with family: Andy, Nancy, and Ned. We managed to fit rather a lot into the time. We started off getting some much-needed R&R at the nail shop after a long flight.

We managed a camping trip to Sunset State beach. The Americans introduced the Brits to s'mores (not surprisingly they were a hit)

We took a pony ride up in the hills above Saratoga with Flossie and Julie.

We hit the boardwalk - some preferred to enjoy the refreshments and the sights....

... while others made the most of the rides! Adam loved having some roller-coaster-loving companions and actually went on several of the rides with Gill and Andy. He persuaded me to go on the log-flume ride. Is that a smile or a grimace??

Definitely smiles here...

We went to the Aquarium where we ran into Julie and Flossie.

and ended up eating fish at the wharf in Monterey while we watched seals, and sea otters eat their fish in the water below us.

It wouldn't be a California vacation without a trip to the beach. We went to Rio Del Mar beach. Some of us just looked the part...

while others really did try to hang-ten..

it was something of a cultural exchange (here Fin and Ned pictured in a rare harmonious moment!). There was a strong Star Wars content, but the cultural activities included a talent show and a disco.

Cocktails in the garden...
We had a lovely time.

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