Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend on wheels

At the beginning of May the town holds a criterium bike race The Cat's Hill. It's an all-day affair and pretty exciting as the riders get up some speed - especially on the downhill parts of the course!

The boys decided that although they were getting too old to enter the kids race, they could not walk to the race so we adopted a variety of wheeled transport (actually Nigel and I walked).

Fin practiced his tricks on his scooter:

Adam went on his new roller blades:

When I first moved to Los Gatos I bought some roller blades and took lessons, but never achieved the elegance (or confidence) that I hoped I would on them. The skates have been in the shed for the last 10 years when the boys found them. The practiced with my skates for a few weeks and Adam saved his money to get his own skates - rather predictably he is instantly confident, fast, and elegant on them.

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yarnivorous said...

Of course kids are instantly elegant and confident on their new wheels. They don't have the fear of falling that we have. They still bounce!
I tired blading about 10-odd eyars ago too. It was sorta fun but I wasn't confident either.
(I too am glad you didn't take a video of the singing and recorder playing.... ;-)