Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We break up, we break up

Things have been busy here at Ferretworld, the combination of working more hours, and visitors, and school stuff has dropped the blog by the wayside. I do have some things to blog about and will be catching up over the next few days or so.

In the meantime school has already broken up for the summer and we have 11 weeks of summer vacation. Naturally you can't have children sitting around at home for 11 weeks even if you were not working, so there are plenty of camps and other activities for the boys. This week is tennis camp.

Before the end of term there were both celebrations and performances at school. Fin's class performed a musical play: "Rumble in the rainforest" with Fin playing the part of the Medicine Man.
Adam's class gave a musical performance of singing accompanied by recorders (Good job I didn't take the video!).

To celebrate the start of the school hols they each invited some friends over for a party - Adam's party was last week, Fin's is this week (I was not brave enough to combine) but the summer seems to have got off to a good start.

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zayantemom said...

Your yard looks great! No more washing shed!