Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maker Faire 2010

After our first visit to the Maker Faire last year, it was a dead cert that we would be going this year. We spent all day there on the Saturday. Of course we saw the usual wacky inventions and the steampunk vehicles:

we all had a go on the handmade wooden bicycles (some easier to ride than others)

Adam and Fin built a solid fuel rocket:

...and went outside to launch it:

No photos of the flight - but it went 100s of feet into the air - very impressive!

The boys leaned to solder and made flashing light badges:

We visited to Society for Creative Anachronism and Adam tried on a suit of armour:

before we watched a couple beat seven bells out of each other! We talked to this couple as the suited up in their armour and they explained that even with the armour on, it was painful to get hit, and they were both sporting a variety of bruises.

We had a great day, and saw so much more than this. Yet again, I never made it to the fiber arts - but I figure that stuff I can do anyday!

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