Monday, April 05, 2010


Charlotte arrived in our home this weekend. She came from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter. Adam and I went over there to meet with some cats and choose one - after 5 minutes Adam announced "she is my cat"... and she is.

Her name was Charlotte in the shelter, and Adam felt it suited her. He has naming rights for this cat so Charlotte it is. (Adam tells me that her middle name is Sydney!).

She is a delightful little cat - about 2 years old. She loves to play but she also really seems to like to sit quietly on your lap and purr really loudly.

We have not had a cat in the house for 4 years or so, since Tiddles, and it's really nice to have an animal about. She has already eaten, and used the litter box, and also started to explore the house. She also spends quite a lot of time watching out of the window - so I'm guessing she was once an outside cat. It's odd, again, to know nothing about our cat's past life - she had only been in the shelter 10 days or so, and they picked her up in Ben Lomond.

If you are looking for a pet I can strongly recommend the Santa Cruz shelter - the folks there were all really helpful and made adopting our new pet a pleasant experience. (Also no long list of references, statements of future care for your cat etc). They had several really nice cats too - but none as nice as Charlotte.


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Lovely pudding! I hope Charlotte has a long and happy reign at your house :-)