Sunday, October 04, 2009

Week Six: progress

There was a lot of visible progress on the house this week. On Monday the insulating contractor came to install the under-floor insulation. We dont have this through the rest of the house and it really seems to deaden noise so it's definitely something to put on the list...(for when we get some more money of course)

By Monday night the new sub-floor and gone down. Once the floor was down the framing started. Photo below shows the framing for the windows at the front and the large beam in the foreground is the main support for the roof at the back. This is the height of our rear wall and will have large windows and french doors.

On Thursday the framing for the loft was in place. You can see the new loft gallery in front of the kitchen door. Oddly enough the water heater is right back where it was positioned when we bought the house - bang in front of the door. You can also see the lower level of the new mud room/back door in this photo.

On Friday the roof started to go up. The maximum height of the new build is 1' higher than our existing roof line, but the main roof line will also be raised to match the height.

It's really exciting to see the house actually taking shape. However the fun is about to start - I spent the entire weekend clearing everything out of the kitchen because next week they need to open the kitchen roof to tie the new roof the the existing joists. Sadly I mised Lambtown, but Lambtown will be there next year (I hope) when I will have plenty of new storage for additional fiber purchases!

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