Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 9 update

Coming home after a week away, I was able to see a lot of progress on the house. The new porch is framed (actually you can't see much of that behind the pistacio tree) and the new roof ridge is in place. A lot of the structural plywood is installed and the team are getting ready for roofing.

This photo shows the new roof line at the back of the house. The new skylights have been framed inside, but not yet installed. The big openings in the back wall are for french windows and a large window.

Inside, the framing for the loft is all in place. This is the gallery above the new family room, the ladder is more or less where our final ladder will go. The gallery will have railings along the edge (luckily for those of us without a head for heights).

This photo was taken just inside the new french windows. The half-wall on the right surrounds the lower-level mud room.

Looking to the left (above our kitchen) is the main part of the loft. This will be surrounded by a half-wall.

Hopefully we will get the roof on before any further storms hit the bay area!

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