Monday, March 02, 2009

Off the needles: February Lady Sweater

I squeaked into February with my Feburary lady sweater - I sewed the buttons on March 1st - but finished the knitting the night before!

As I post this I am reminded yet again that I need to organize some more flattering photos of me in my handknit garments! This is about the worst - bed hair, clashing colours. poor lighting...still you can see the cardi quite well. In fact I was prompted to get Nigel to take another photo of me in the sweater in some more complementary colours (above).

I am pretty pleased with this cardi; I used stash yarn and I think its a useful garment. I wear my Loppem cardigan a lot which prompted me to knit the FLS with short sleeves. As the FLS is knit top-down I could try it on and then stop the sleeves at a point I felt was best. It's quite swingy and I think the yarn (Elann Highland Silk) was a good match for the project.


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Very pretty! I love the FLS - I'm considering making another one - possibly out of hand-spun. It's such a nice pattern and it's flattering on everyone.

yarnivorous said...

Ooh, Rachel is thinking of doing one in handspun too! I has So Much Fleece that I thought I'd dye some up and spin it for an FLS. There were a few at Stiches too.

Anonymous said...

It's turned out great!