Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gone Fishing

A few weeks ago Finlay went to a birthday party where the entertainment was a fishing trip to Capitola. He came back with a fishing rod and a new enthusiasm! We got Adam a rod and they have both been practising casting in the pool.

Last week the boys both got good school reports, so as a reward we took them over to the sea for a family fishing expedition.

The weather was glorious - here we are baking on Capitola pier, in the background you might be able to see folks swimming from the beach. Finlay in particular was very keen to show off his prowess..."watch carefully Mummy while I demonstrate again"...they loved that I was useless at the casting.

We had plenty of visitors: this fellow hung around for a while, and we also saw seat otters as well as lots of birds.

The catch? not so much... two bits of seaweed...

Did not diminish the enjoyment - and we had our fish with chips for dinner at the restaurant on the pier.

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Anonymous said...

It's lovely that they enjoyed it - fishing often calls for a lot of patience so it's not a tailor-made sport for every child!
Now you need to take them somewhere that fish are easy to catch - I can recommend Worthing (sand dabs - yum)- though maybe fish are not so plentiful there these days....