Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Party on

Last weekend the boys had a joint birthday party. It was held at the JCC where they provided the entertainment as well as the catering. The party was a "Run away to the Circus" party and so the 19 boys learned to spin plates on sticks (fortunately plastic plates) :

and walk on the giant ball:

All the boys managed to walk on the ball for some distance and were all very pleased with themselves!

They finished with a giant bouncing walkway for flips and bounces.

We wrapped up festivites with cake and ice cream and and glitter painting and then sent home 19 overexcited but exhausted children with juggling sets!

If you are looking for a party location in the bay area I can recommend the JCC parties: we had only to provide drinks and goody bags and were able to walk away from all the mess!

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