Friday, February 15, 2008

That's neat, that's neat...

...that's neat, that's neat I really love your tiger feet*

I finished Finlay's tiger socks. The rest of the ball of Opal Rainforest in the tiger colour. My usual sock recipe noting that my 5-year old's feet are 7" long.

* For the uninitiated this is a line from the 1974 hit "Tiger Feet" by the band Mud. At risk of appearing completely ancient I clearly remember doing The Dance at the Pony Club disco. (I was never a Pony Club member, or even liked horses, but in my rural area the Pony Club disco passed for nightlife!).


Anonymous said...

Gosh! That's the most exciting 3 min and 32 seconds I've had for ages...! Now you need to teach the boys the dance, and they will love it, knowing they never need fear embarrassment at a disco ever again.

SpinalCat said...

The socks match so well!