Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tahoe socks

My plane knitting for New York was these socks which were finished on Friday and worn all day Saturday. My model refused a more artistic shot!

Lornas Laces Shepards Sock in the Tahoe colour. Knitted on US1 needles to my standard sock pattern in a k3 p1 rib.

The recipient was pleased especially as the Mountain Colour socks have felted beyond all recovery. I am rather disappointed with the Bearfoot yarn as it is supposedly superwash and I always line dry my hand-knit socks so I expected it to actually wash well. I'm more optomistic about the Lornas Laces - its 75% wool 25% nylon and the boys' camo socks have washed and worn well.

I have lots of hand knit socks, and don't actually wear each pair often - so I'm getting a lot of experience with heavy wear and a lot of washing from Nigel and the boys socks now as they all prefer the hand knit socks over store bought.

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