Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stitches West

I went to Stitches West on Saturday. I didn't attend any classes but did manage a little shopping!

The market was not actually as busy as I expected, I arrived about 10:30 before the 'Yarn Train' arrived from Sacramento bearing an additional 500 knitters (!). Previously I have been on the Friday so I expected it to be mobbed. It was odd going on my own (instead of with Mammie and Finlay) but I did meet a lot of friends there...well, I guess every knitter in the bay area was in the Santa Clara Convention Center sometime this weekend.

I got to meet the founders of Ravelry who were as sweet and friendly as everyone says.

I planned to buy some sock yarn...and succeeded in that:

ShiBui - I apparently cannot resist this shade of green!

Tess's designer yarns below - great colours and very reasonably priced.

Creatively dyed - I had been wanting to try Sea Wool and these colours were very pretty.

I bought a kit for Fleece Artist Lady of the Lake that I had eyed up online, but had not wanted to commit to chosing a hand-dyed colour without seeing it in person. Again with the bright pea green!

I came home tired and spent-up!

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Jasmine said...

Where did you get the Shibui? I did not see it. Oh well, it's too late.