Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Otter school

Today was Finlay's first day at his Jr Kindergarten. He was very excited at being one of the 'big boys' at his school.

He got to choose dinner tonight - so of course we had pancakes again. This is him showing how many he ate:

The night before I asked him if he was looking forward to Jr K and he explained that co-incidentally Tuesday would also be Fruit's first day at Jr Otter School.

This is Fruit (his stuffed otter from the Monterey Aquarium.)

Finlay explained to me that up to now Fruit has mostly been doing drawing at his Pre-Otter school, but that he was really looking forward to Jr Otter school where he would learn how to catch fish and stuff like that.

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spinnity said...

Yes, well, now that Fruit is a big otter, he has to learn some new skills if he's going to swim in the big bay. Makes total sense! Love this post about your boy.