Saturday, September 29, 2007

Magic comes to stay

This weekend Adam got the care of the class guinea pig; Magic.

He is a lovely little creature and appears quite placid. The only excitement he has exhibited was when presented with lettuce.

Adam has actually taken good care of him, making sure he has food and water, and of course, exercise.

We were thinking of keeping him instead of mowing the lawn - but unfortunately I'm very allergic to him. Tomorrow we have the fun of cleaning the cage - not required of host families, but I thought it would be a good example for Adam of what is actually required when caring for a pet.

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Anonymous said...

O he is lovely!
I have such a weakness for guinea pigs.... it's because we had them when I was very young - so young that the care of them was left to my older brother and sister.
Bracken, Beaulieu (as my brother had just been visiting there), - they were both smooth haired like Magic - and Primrose who was a sort of tortoiseshell rosette. Bracken was a lovely nutty brown colour and he long outlived the other two, reaching the grand age of 11 years.