Monday, July 30, 2007

Your Hat Parade

I did get some knitting done on holiday, but in keeping with the vacation spirit, it was all simple mindless stuff.

I've been knitting some hats for a friend of Chris's who is undergoing chemotherapy.

This is knitted in Calmer, donated by Christina. I had been planning to knit Shedir from Knitty, but could not get gauge, so after a couple of attempts I cast on and knitted my own pattern.

This pattern was in a Vogue Knitting magazine, and most conveniently could be knitted from 100 yards of yarn, in this case Noro Silk Garden.

I knitted the same pattern for myself from some Malabrigo yarn I bought a while ago.

The yardage on the Malabrigo is terrific so I had enough left over to knit this basic roll-brim hat from my own pattern.

Noticing the resemblance of my new hats to a tea cosy, I also knitted a tea cosy for when we go camping...our tea always goes cold before we finish the pot when we are in the more!

Writing this post reminded me that when I was at school I had a club called The Teacosies, named after our hats...apparently little changes here at Ferretworld.

Posting the pictures for the post made me realize that I look more like Jimmy_Hill than ever (except for the beard of course)!

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