Sunday, July 29, 2007

Surfing USA

Ferretworld just returned from it's summer holiday in Ventura, Southern California. We stayed in this cottage in the Pierpont Beach lane area. It was about 100 yards from the beach.

Both boys were fascinated by the crabs along the breakwaters. We went each day to check on them and they were thrilled to watch this boy trying to catch them.

Of course the following day they spent a lot of time trying to catch the crabs themselves. Luckily for me, they were unsuccessful.

A highlight of our week away was a trip to Channel Islands National Park.

We went to Santa Cruz island which is about 20 miles offshore. The main interest is that the entire area is a marine preserve rich in wildlife and our boat trip allowed us an excellent chance to see some of it. We saw a minke whale and two blue whales. We also saw hundreds of dolphins.

The highlight of the trip for Adam was this:

Apart from the Channel Islands trip we mostly spent our week on the beach. The water is warm in comparison with the Pacific in Northern California, and even I got into the water. The boogie boards got a good workout.

Adam even got Finlay into the the beginning of the week this was as close as he would go into the waves...

By the end of the week Finlay was on the boogie board too, and saving his money for his own board.

And to prove I was there is me in my bikini:

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