Friday, July 06, 2007

Sweater Hall of Fame: honourable mention

In my list of favourite sweaters I had to include this one because I wanted it so badly. As often happens, the reality did not live up to my expectation.

I was a victim of Rowan styling. In the magazine this sweater is shown as very oversized (remember - this was the early 1990s - it was fashionable) but as the pattern was provided in one size it was not so oversized on me. It fit well enough - but not as I had imagined.

I knit this in exactly the specified yarn and colours, even down to ordering the Rowan terracotta beads which mean that i cannot wash this sweater. The yarn is a Rowan Cotton Chenille - so you can imagine that it was not much fun to knit, and impossible to frog, but I soldiered on with this project to the bitter end.

I dont really know why I keep it, because I am never realistically going to wear this again. I still think its a lovely sweater, the colours are so rich and they do suit me, so I'll keep it in case 1990s fashions return and I can wear it again!

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Anonymous said...

I still love it.
As I remember, it was just rather short on you, not actually altogether too small; looked as if it had shrunk.
I suppose I have long since stopped expecting my Rowan sweaters to look like the photos - partly because all the early 80s fashion knitting books from Pingouin and so on were very deceptive and I was constantly calming disappointed people (usually over the reality of the colours prior to the wool purchase) when I worked in Ries wools.