Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knitting planning

Well, I seem to have shaken off my knitting ennui of last week, but Rosemary is still in my head. I dont think I have enough of the orange cotton/linen blend to knit it, and am wondering if I could knit it top-down to knit as far as I can get before I run out of yarn. Hmm...not sure my pattern alteration skills are really up to that.

I've also been thinking of knitting the indigo ripples skirt . A voice in my head is whispering "a knitted skirt, are you mad?" "it will go all saggy over your bum" and other encouraging comments like that....but the pattern looks cute, and it's A-line, and frilly, and...and...

I suspect the skirt would be best knit in a firm dense fabric with something like cotton or linen, but I dont want to knit it in Rowan Denim so am pondering the alternatives. I also dont want to spend a huge amount as I'm fairly sure a knitting skirt is not going to get a lot of wear somehow. What do you think about this yarn from Elann ? It certainly comes in some lovely colours.

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Anonymous said...

The Elann yarn looks fine - what colour? The skirt also looks lovely. I think the skirt will be OK in style provided it hangs from the hips with no opportunity to cling below them...
Also - face it that it may well sag but you just have to wash and reshape.
As to Rosemary - you cast on and knit a row with waste wool - omit the rib - and knit it short - then pick up stitches at the bottom and knit more plus the ribs after. You won't be able to knit the cable down in this way, so knit the front first full length (without the ribs, and weigh it when finished to see how you are doing); then knit the back, (shorter to be able to pick up and knit down). If you run out of wool you can unpick the front as much as you need.