Monday, May 21, 2007

Bunny socks

I finished Gill's socks. Another pair of Jaywalkers, this time in Socks that Rock Lightweight in colour peaseblossom.

I did modify the pattern for a shorter toe, and it's a good job that I did because I ended up with about 1 yard of yarn left over.
I love the way that the Jaywalker pattern is elastic so has a nice close fit. I prefered the lightweight STR to the medium too. I knit these on my lantern moon dpns which are 2mm.


Anonymous said...

What pretty colours.
My colours.

Wiz Knitter said...

Beautiful socks!

Thanks for your comments on my blog -- I think it's very interesting how life has changed in the UK since I was a student there, and since I was a kid living there in the summers. It does seem more fast-paced, dirty, crowded -- all the things I used to associate with America. Not to mention endless chain stores, obnoxious advertising, and an ever-increasing number of enormous SUVs on the road! I sound like such an old fogey, but it used to be so clean and quiet and charming. Or maybe it's just the haze of memory.