Friday, May 25, 2007

Knitting ennui

Im in a bit of a knitting funk at the moment; I've got things on the needles, but I dont really feel much like knitting any of them.

Im knitting some socks with some chartreuse elastic cotton yarn, the elasticity makes it quite hard to get a rhythm going. The finished product seems nice, but the process less enjoyable.

Im knitting on the Estonian Garden Shawl, but it's a new pattern, and requires a lot of concentration. I don't get many chances to knit and concentrate at the moment. I think it will look great (if) when I ever finish it.

I'm also working on some secret knitting, its very slow as I seem to knit for hours with nothing to show for it. Also, one of my knitpicks circulars that I was using for this broke this week - so it's on hold until the replacement knitting needle arrives.

I think the solution is to cast on for a quick and simple knit, so Ive dug out the pattern for Rosemary from the Summer Tweed book, scroll to the bottom for a picture. I have not got the correct yarn, and the cotton/linen mix that I plan to use is not the right tension so some swatching will be required. That's the plan for this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

What?! bored with knitting!!

I know hw you feel of course - that's how it starts.... that's how you end up with an attic full of old bits of wool with needles stuck in them.
However - Rosemary is a lovely pattern. One day I might even knit it in the recommended wool - who knows?
Until then I have the wool for "Tobias" (a mans sweater) which is knitted in summer tweed, so I'll see how that goes - I did not much like knitting with summer tweed before when I tried.
I thought I did, however, like knitting with slightly elasticated wools - not sure - maybe the ones I have tried are not truly elastic.
Hope you overcome the knitters block soon.... think of all that uinexplored wool out there.