Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stitches West 2011

To round out a lovely week off in Yosemite I got to go to Stitches West on Saturday with Kerstin.

We had a very successful and enjoyable day surrounded by 'our people'. Kerstin wore a new shawl she had knitted and was stopped multiple times by people asking her about it, and in one case taking a photo.

Here is my haul. Clockwise from the top:

Red baby camel/silk batt from Redfish dyeworks. Small secret bundle. Pattern and yarn for Silken Scabbard, yarn is Kollage Riveting which is made from recycled jeans. Next: green and purple sock yarn from Drops, and turquoise Drops sock yarn for a baby sweater from Nordic Mart. Then the rest of the fibre: Blue merino/yak/silk from A Verb for Keeping Warm (intended for a hat for Nigel), undyed camel/silk, and undyed yak/merino from Tactile.

I have already cast on the sweater, but I think the fibre will keep me busy for a little while, until Stitches West 2012 anyway.

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Audry said...

I completely missed Redfish. I guess I have a Stitches regret.... Hope they are there next year.