Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Legs of Nigel*

I have been turning out socks rather consistently without any documentation. Here is my recent output for Nigel:

From the top:

Cream socks from some heavy german sock yarn I got in a swap. Shown is the second sock - having successfully completed one sock from one ball of wool, the second ball ran out during the toe decreases. I used the spare wool to finish the sock. Short ribbed fold-down sock specially requested to wear with his desert boots.

Nigel chose this hand-dyed yarn from Chameleon Colorworks while we were at Lambtown, I added the black toe and heel to tone down what I though was a rather lurid sock.

Another short ribbed boot sock knitted from Cascade Heritage yarn. I was so impressed with this yarn - it's really cheap and seems to wash and wear really well too. Quite a lot of colours and reasonably soft. I got this from Purlescence Yarns.

*For American readers not familiar with the triskellion symbol of the Isle of man details are here: Legs of Man

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christina said...

not to be picky... well to be picky ... the legs of man all point it the same direction - your lurid socks are misbehaving.

(What do you mean "not important"!!)