Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome Home - week 25!

Our house is more-or-less finished and we are waiting for the town's final inspection before we consider it completely done. Also - before we remove the stickers from the windows which apparently have to stay there until inspection (!). Well, that's my excuse for not washing the rather dusty windows yet. Now for a load of photos for my family - if you are not as interested in the details as my family pass by the rest of this post!

At the weekend we hung some of our pictures which really made it seem like home. We also entertained some friends and were pleased that the layout really worked well. So here are some photos of the new living room. Photo above taken from kitchen over breakfast bar showing our terrific $250 craigslist sofa.

Pic below taken from the sofa back towards the kitchen. The white door is the pantry. The furniture on the bottom left is for the TV, when we get one.

Photo below taken from living room looking up towards mezzanine and all our bookcases. The half-wall on the bottom right of the photo conceals the mud room/back door and the door to the laundry room/bathroom.

The last photo towards the new back door with our hooks and shoe storage on the right (and the laundry room unseen on the left).

We are so pleased and still don't really feel as if it's our house (It's like staying in some fancy rental rather than a house that is actually ours...). And it's so nice not to have workers in every day - it seems really quiet here these days.


zayantemom said...

Congratulations! It all turned out so well! I really like the color of the walls and the white trim sets it off so nicely. It looks like you went with the Cubbies from IKEA for the mud room? I like the wall scones, where did you get them? I have been looking for something similar for close to ten years now (not too hard obviously).
Enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

The whole project is gorgeous! You two did a great job planning this out.