Tuesday, October 30, 2007

House in motion

We just experienced our biggest quake since we came to California. Reported by the USGS as a 5.6 we certainly noticed it!

We were just sitting down to eat when the entire house started to sway rather severely. We could hear really loud creaks, but nothing even fell off the shelves. We went outside to check and the water in the pool was loudly sloshing about. The quake seemed to last for ages, and we both felt rather queasy afterwards.

It's amazing that the ground can move so much, yet the power didnt even flicker. The movement was really quite strong to us, I can't imagine how a major quake would feel.


yarnivorous said...

Woo! Make me feel enthusiastic about moving to the Bay area! LOL

Unknown said...

Oh my, I just can't begin to imagine how frightening that must be! Glad you are all OK.