Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stitches swag

I went to Stitches West on Friday with Mammie and Finlay. (by the way, Finlay had the option to stay home with Grandpa and Adam, but chose to come to 'the knitting').

We (well, I) had a great time - we only went to the Marketplace - but spent several hours shopping for wool. Finlay managed to entertain himself petting wool, admiring the pictures of wild animals (muskox, cashmere goats, camels), and picking up scraps of yarn.

I concentrated on buying wool that is not made of wool. From the left:

Ellens Half pint farm wool and tencel (served by Ellen herself), Blue Moon Bamboo (100% bamboo - with pattern for scarf underneath), Handmaiden Seasilk (silk and something made from seaweed), and some superwash wool sock yarn from Peace Fleece and Blue Moon. I have already cast on the Peace Fleece for socks for my father. We also obtained samples of some sock wool made partly from chitin (derived from crab and shrimp shells).

I also bought myself a drop spindle and some roving....but more of that later.

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