Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Big update

Some of you know that my parents are currently staying with us. This means 2 things; lots of days out, and limited blogging.

They arrived last week, which was also half term, so we took advantage of the time for a trip to the Chabot Space Center in Oakland. We had a great time - the planetarium had a child-appropriate film which was great. Would of course have been better if Adam had not been so afraid of the whole 'sitting in a huge room in the dark' experience.

They also have a load of hands-on exhibits which we all enjoyed. Adam has been doing the Moon at school and was particularly thrilled to see a piece of moon rock. They both enjoyed this replica space capsule, as well as the space suits, we enjoyed the view and the old telescopes.

At the weekend we went over to Moss Landing State Beach to inspect the tide pools.

Its our favourite rock-pool place and we always get to see lots of activity in the pools, as well as the Harbor seals sunning themselves on the reef of rocks.

Combined with fish-and-chips in Princeton it makes for a perfect day out (until someone treads in the seal poo).

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