Saturday, August 05, 2006

Margot Fonteyn

Well, you never know...a few more years of Saturday ballet and Nancy might be headed off for the Royal Ballet School.

At least she will be wearing the right sort of cardigan...although I think the colour might be too lurid even for Nancy - this photo is rather more toned-down than the bubblegum original.

The pattern is of my own devising and I'm pretty pleased with it. Its a top-down raglan and I continued to increase on the neck edge until it was the size I wanted. The cords are i-cord and I did an applied i-cord edging. Its knitted in Tatamy Tweed 100% cotton.

I did get Finlay to try it on for size while I was knitting the cardi but he has flat refused to model the completed garment for a photograph.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Nancy was very pleased with her cardigan and we are looking forward to ballet lessons starting again. If I get as geeky as my sister and now apparently my brother I will post a photo on my blog of her in it