Thursday, August 03, 2006

Completed scarf

This is the cashmere feather and fan scarf. Its knitted in a modified feather and fan pattern in a large guage to make the most of the yarn yardage. The wool is a 100% cashmere from Colourworks (its an ebay store but of course I can't find the link now). Colour is 'oxide' and the photo is a pretty good representation.

The scarf is intended as a gift for Meredith - since she is not a knitted I hope she does not notice the mistake...I added a row in the center of the scarf which makes each side of the scarf a mirror image. I blocked it into points along each side because I dont have blocking wires. The blocking seems to have disguised the scarf's tendency to 'bend' at the point of the mistake...oops.

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