Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back from Lake Tahoe

We just returned from our vacation at Lake Tahoe. We stayed in a cabin in Tahoe City with a spectacular view of the lake: Alpenglow . The weather was fabulous and we got to do a lot of fun things:

Beaches - here is Finlay on Sugar Pine point state beach on the west side of the lake close to where we stayed. Despite wearing the life jacket he refused to go in our tiny boat saying that he prefers bigger boats, preferably with a roof (!).

Adam spent hours in our inflatable boat at Sand Harbour State Beach. Sand Harbour is in Nevada on the east side of the lake.
Adam got to go 'proper offroad mountain biking' with Nigel along the Pacific Rim Trail near our cabin. He was thrilled.
We all did several bike rides - here we are on the trail from Tahoe City along the Truckee river to Alpine Meadows. That day we did a 7 mile ride.

We also did a rafting trip along the Truckee river more or less next to the bike trail. We survived Class 1 rapids!

It was a lovely trip. We were all sorry to leave - but its also nice to be home again.

There was some knitting but that will have to wait for another post (sorry Duncan, I know how much you wanted to see the knitting content!).

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