Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shrinky dinks

...or my adventures in felting. In truth, I've never actually made shrinky-dinks, but Meredith brought them over for the boys yesterday so I will get to see them 'in action' from close up. (For the uninitiated Shrinky Dinks appear to be some sort of plastic/paper thing that you colour in, then bake, which shrinks the item - the boys will love it!).

Anyway Ive been shrinking wool - I know Ive done this unintentionally in the past, but now its fashionable to do this on purpose.

This is my second PC bag having made one for myself previously. This one is for Christina and was part of my pre-UK secret knitting.

Here is the bag before felting along with a sunglasses case I knitted with leftovers. Now, you see I included a ruler in my 'before' shot to show the effect of felting.
however, I didnt take an 'after' photo, so this is Christina's photo not including a ruler. Anyway, it shrank about 25-30% after felting.

you cant really see the details, but this did not shrink as evenly as my bag although they were both made in the same wool (Knitpicks Wool of the Andes). I think the shrinkage was less even because I made this bag bigger than mine. The pattern was from IK - I cant remember which issue, but they seem to have a felted bag in every issue anyway.

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It's lovely - and so practical!

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