Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Orange sweater finished

I finished my Rowan sweater. Im pretty pleased with it - although of course I put it on for the photo and immediately took it off and put it away for autumn. The only comment I have is that the sleeves were too short in the pattern. According to the picture this is not a 3/4 sleeve sweater, but the measurements indicated that they would only reach to below my elbows so I increased the sleeve length. I do think this is a common problem with Rowans styling of their photos - they are all very artistic, but dont actually reflect what the item will look like.

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Anonymous said...

It and you look fantastic.
I may have to reknit my turquoise thing into another shape - although as I said, I do think the orange colour somehow has more of a rich quality to it than the blue that I chose.
Also - I'd just like to point out that Rowan patterns are (as you know) just perfick and they can't possibly make jumpers to fit everyone and people with extra long arms just have to adapt.
Hmmm I wonder if Rowan will give me a job in customer services..?