Saturday, April 29, 2006

We were all busy this weekend

We finally got some sunny weather today - so we got to work on our garden improvement project. I painted the concrete wall at the edge of the steps and behind the spa with orange paint. It really hides a lot of the imperfections of the wall and looks a lot better. Here is Nigel enjoying our favourite sitting spot - you will notice that we are locked behind the pool fence - it gets us some peace!
We also moved the decrepit wendy house and planted an Acer in a pot. I dug some of my nicer pots out and we planted them up too on the steps. The wall pots are from Farnham Pottery - remember those Gill? They actually have plastic ivy in them - I think that wall gets too much sun to keep stuff moist in terracotta pots.
In crafty news - Adam and Finlay wanted scarves for Teddy and Bunny - so I taught them finger knitting. Adam actually did a lot of his own - same cant be said for F. I remember at Thornton Hough that my friends and I had huge balls of finger knitting - we never made anything with it but would compare the length we had achieved. I wonder what happened to all those hundreds of yards of it?

In my knitting im on the final repeat of River - I should photograph it now when it looks like a mess of cobweb because once its blocked the many errors will be more apparent!

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