Thursday, April 06, 2006

A shrunken cardigan

I have finished my black cardigan.

Its the Not so Shrunken Cardi from Knit and Tonic:
Knit and Tonic

it was a really nice knit which is lucky as this is the second time I have knitted it. The first time I made it too large and it was rather more of a kimono cardigan than I intended. Mammie was a happy receipient of the larger cardi (despite being actually smaller than me).

My version was knitted in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool which knits up into a really nice soft fabric (sorry Fabrrrrrrrik) although it seems to have a lots of bits of vegetative matter in the yarn. I knitted the second cardi in a smaller size and tried it on at various stages to ensure that the fit was what I wanted. It turned out just great. My crochet ruffles are a bit wobbly but they did press out pretty well and the wonkiness is not apparent to the unobservant viewer.

I wore it to work on Thursday and was really pleased with how it looked over a fitted white shirt with black trousers. It was nice to dress up a bit for work - sadly this outfit counts as dressed up compared to my normal attire to work which is very casual these days!


Anonymous said...

It looks lovely. But....
Maybe you will have to knit it a third time. I fear you will soon be too thin for this cardy too!

Anonymous said...

It does look very good especially to the non experienced knitter. And it's a lovely photo of you.