Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Too much secret knitting

Well, I'm knitting away but cant show any of it as the intended recipients are the only readers of this blog so I cant pretent that the stuff is for anyone else. Apart from maybe Nancy who I dont think is a reader - but then again - the top for her did not turn out so well so Im not sure I need to show that.

In other news - I wore my too small jeans today...hee hee. They were not exactly comfortable or anything but at least my tum was not hanging over the waistband like before. I need to remind myself that WeightWatchers really does work - especially if you follow the plan! I was going to post a photo, but then I thought "my bum...on the web?" so I didnt.


Anonymous said...

In preparation for packing for holiday I tried on every pair of trousers I possess and they all fit now. There are some Gap cotton trousers (the ones I almost gave to you when we were both thin as they were too big for me.... those ones) - and they were a close fit - so I figure I do need to lose a bit more. Today will be gym-and-weighing-in day - finally - if I have time amid the frenzied holiday preparations... o and amid the working for a living thing.

Anonymous said...

PS What secret knitting??

Alison said...

If I told you it would not be secret any more