Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great race

Flushed with success after my 5K race I decided to enter the Saratoga to Los Gatos Great Race. This is a 4 mile race from Saratoga down highway 9 to Los Gatos. It's a real family event and I was delighted that the boys and Nigel wanted to participate.

Here we are at the beginning - looking fresh and raring to go!

We went with Bill and Duncan, and all started off together. Duncan decided he would rather walk so we met up with them later at the finish line. I had rather expected that we would walk at least some of the way - I had no idea whether the boys could run 4 miles or not. In the end we all ran the entire distance - some slower than others!

En route we met more friends and ran in different groups for the rest of the race. It was a timed race and we all had chips - so were able to report our official times: Nigel and Adam finished first in about 47 minutes, I ran with Belis and we came in at 52 minutes, and Fin and Nikash crossed the line at about 58 minutes*.

Here we are at the finish - tired but happy. Not only are the boys looking forward to next years race but they also want me to find another race that we can all do together.

* Fin tells me he ran the whole race, and also that they found a broken radio and a flip-flop on the I suspect they had some diversions along the route.

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christina said...

what a great family achievement...!
George and I were debating this week whether or not we could manage a 4 mile walk!