Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spinning and knitting and blocking

For Christmas 2009 the boys gave me 4oz of this lovely merino/silk fibre from Curious Creek. The colours were so lovely that I felt it was above my spinning capability and just kept it to pet and admire for a while.

At the LG Library Knitting Retreat in January I spun half of it into a fine single, and spun the other half over the following few weeks. The colours in the singles were lovely, but I didn't really do anything other than just ply the 2 singles, rather than attempt any colour matching. Actually I didn't do a good job with plying; the plies were loose and I was concerned that I would not be able to knit with the resulting yarn. The colours also seemed rather muted - not like the vibrant colours of the fibre.

However, the knitting was not as bad as I feared and I knitted the yarn into a Travelling Woman shawl. The colours developed into lovely soft stripes and the loosely plied yarn resulted in a really soft knitted fabric.

The colours are actually more accurate in the photo below - it's a really rich golden orange colour with flecks of green and purple.

I used my new Knitpicks blocking wires which made it really easy to get a nice shape to the shawl and to get the scalloped edge. Travelling Woman is a good pattern for handspun, or any time when you don't have much yarn as the yardage requirements are pretty small.

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