Sunday, March 06, 2011

New toy and some sewing

I got a new toy last week:

I was able to go to the library to try out a number of different eReaders and without much difficulty decided on the Kindle. The only disadvantage to it is the lack of library support - I can't borrow eBooks from the library in Kindle form. The size, weight, and page clarity of the Kindle compensated for being tied into Amazon and the agency pricing scheme of the publishers. I don't plan to give up print books, and still expect to use the library extensively, but for traveling the convenience of being able to take along multiple books is terrific.

I was traveling to LA last week and decided that I needed a case for the Kindle to give it some protection. I wanted an envelope case rather than a book-like case so got out my sewing machine and my box of fabric (fabrrrrrik).

I quilted a piece of fleece onto a wool tweed remnant (office skirt circa 1996), and lined the whole with some cotton batik (summer skirt circa 1999). This was really a prototype and the flap is not cut exactly and does not really lie flat. I plan to put some velcro as a fastener.

So, not the neatest but it serves the purpose and I think I will make another one more neatly next time I get a moment. The quilting gives some protection, but the case is still pretty flat and slipped neatly into my laptop bag. I read 2 books on the Kindle while I was in LA - and already really appreciating the large amount of reading matter in a small package.

So far I have managed to get the internet interface working, but not yet experimented with putting pdfs onto the Kindle. Lots of scope for messing about with it!

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