Monday, March 29, 2010

One day: two belt loops

This weekend we took the boys to a scout family day camp. We signed up for a morning of archery. The camp is located among the redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains. Its was a lovely, if cold, spot.

The day started with a safety briefing and instruction on the parts of the bow and arrow, with a quiz to make sure everyone understood.

Finally the boys got their hands on the bows and were able to try archery. It was harder than they expected - they both found it difficult to pull back the bow string far enough.

However after some practice they both managed shots on target.

This qualifies them both for an Archery belt loop (cub scout badge). After lunch we stopped off for long-overdue haircuts - which accounts for the short hair in the next pictures!

Finlay has cooked dinner for us several times with some assistance and really seems to enjoy it. We decided he could have a go at his Nutrition belt loop which requires the cub to explain the components of a healthy meal, and then prepare one.

We reviewed the contents of the veg box and decided on pasta with garlic, tomatoes, and red chard. Fin did all the veg preparation and then the cooking. (I set the table as he pointed out that when I cook - he sets the table).

It was delicious!

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