Tuesday, March 09, 2010


We are really settling into our "new" house now. I'm fully moved into my new office space in the mezzanine. There are still a couple of boxes to unpack but I've unpacked most of my office things and most of my knitting and sewing stuff. It's just great to have so much space - and no one moves my things!*

The layout is more-or-less office on one side (shown below) and crafts on the other side!

This photo is taken from my desk looking along the 'gallery'. Almost all our books are here - in six IKEA 'billy' bookcases - but they are still double stacked on most of the shelves... and this is after my big book clearout. I went to the library again when I saw how little space we have for additional books.

Finally - we had the ladder installed this week. It will have rails on both sides but I'm having those made to measure by a local steel welder. This is an alternating tread ladder which gives a ladder with a gentler rise for the same angle (ie it feels like a ladder that would extend 2x as long into the room in a traditional format). It takes some getting used to - but it's not a ladder that will be in general use. The boys still think I should have a fireman's pole!

*The boys, however, love to get into my office and ransack my office supplies!

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yarnivorous said...

heh - DH is building an alternating tread set of stairs into our attic space as we speak. They are odd but much better than a ladder since you can walk up and down them with stuff rather than climbing.