Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House update - week 21

Work on the house is actually wrapping up now. We are using more of the new space all the time. All the flooring is complete, the trim is all installed and the painters are in this week, then we move on to the final plumbing and electric.

So - before the rest of the post a quick quiz. Spot the difference between these two photos:

I decided that this post needed a photo of the kitchen (with the new undercabinet microwave installed....3 hours of my weekend that I will never get back!). I took the photo from the family room side of the breakfast bar to hide the sink full of dishes. I uploaded it and realized how unfinished it looked with the cabinet door off so I changed over the handle and installed the door and re-took the photo. The cabinet needed some new plastic plugs for the hinges as it's one of our recycled doors on a new frame - but a trip to Ace over the weekend had secured the correct hardware. So thanks to the blog I actually installed the door rather than just thinking about it!

I just love my new kitchen - we seem to have so much space. The new kitchen is 18" wider than the old, but that small additional space has given us enough space for a 'U' of cabinets rather than an 'L'. We also got the microwave off the counter which gives more space.
The best thing in the new kitchen though is this:
I have never had a pantry before and it seems huge. Please remind me of this in a few months when it's an over-full mess and I'm complaining that I have no storage in the kitchen.

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Alison the whole project is beautiful. Great job!