Monday, January 11, 2010

First nights

Over the holidays we moved into our new bedroom. This involved painting, installing the blinds and carpet....and installing the wardrobes.

Our new wardrobes are from IKEA and weigh approx 1000 lbs. We borrowed a friend's truck to collect them and spent several days assembling the units. They worked our pretty nicely - you can customize the interiors so we got the space we needed. The split in this case is about 60% me/40% Nigel's space. (Maybe...or perhaps 70/30...or 75/25).

Note to self: remove dressing gown and sock hangar before taking photos.

The bedroom is not finished because the wall behind the bed will be wallpapered as soon as the wallpaper gets here. Our bathroom is also not yet conncected.

We were not the only ones to get a bedroom makeover - the boys both needed places to do homework etc so we sorted out both bedrooms and got desks for them both. Adam also realized a (small) ambition to have a bed like Thomas's and so he got his loft bed.
His desk goes underneath and he's delighted.
Fin's room is also much nicer and he has some floor space to play. Both boys also got desk organizers from IKEA so since we were in a frenzy of IKEA-assembly they put the units together themselves.

You will notice that we didn't let Adam assemble his own bed (tempting though that was).

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zayantemom said...

We have the same color on our bedroom walls. A very soothing color! Can't wait to see the wallpaper - you will show it to me, right?