Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where in the world:Prarie edition

Living here in Silicon Valley (the Santa Clara valley) it's easy to navigatewhen driving about: to the west are clearly visible the green tree-covered Santa Cruz mountains; to the east the brown slopes of the coastal range. It was very strange then, this week, to find myself on a drive of 160 miles where there were no visible landmarks on the horizon in any direction.

This was my first visit to the praries and I was amazed at just how big the sky seemed with nothing to interrupt that horizon. The visibility was over 10 miles, and even from the top of the local hill, all I could see was rolling grasslands in every direction.

One thing about my job that I like is that I occasionally travel, and sometimes to places that I would not otherwise visit. I usually don't get any time for sightseeing - but it's great to see some other parts of this huge country.

So where was I?

And the corn was about as high as an elephant's knee!

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alce said...

It was great to see you at the store this weekend.

I taught a summer school in Nebraska back in 1990, and what really stuck in my mind were the pig carports: the little shelters that the pigs would be lying beneath to get out of the sun